Vayikra: A Vital Parenting Tool

We are honored to share this week’s Chinuch Podcast for Parsha Vayikra from Rabbi Boruch Leff, who writes two weekly columns for Yated Ne’eman and is the author of five books, three on Shabbos growth.


The Famous Abba’s Chinuch Podcast Series provides you with shiurim, in 5 minutes or less, on an area of chinuch related to the parsha or yom tov.   Each Podcast is recorded exclusively for The Famous Abba by a Jewish leader or scholar.

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One Response to “Vayikra: A Vital Parenting Tool”

  1. Mordchai Simcha

    A beautiful and meaningful lesson. Wish more of our Roshei Yeshivot would accept the need to relate to people on different levels. Openness should be encouraged and not forbidden.


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