Tzav Chinuch Podcast 5776

Absorbing Kedusha

(Rabbi Moshe Gordon)

Rabbi Gordon PicWe are honored to share this week’s Chinuch Podcast for Parsha Tzav from Rabbi Moshe Gordon, who has been a popular name in Israeli chinuch for close to two decades. As Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivat Yishrei Lev, Rabbi Gordon is known for his clear and comprehensive analytical shiurim, selfless devotion to talmidim, penetrating sichot, and good, solid advice.  Rabbi Gordon has been a senior Rebbe in the NCSY Summer Kollel for the past 17 years and an Assistant Director of NCSY Camp Sports before that.  Rabbi Gordon is a graduate of Yeshiva College, as well as a Musmach of RIETS. While in YU, Rabbi Gordon studied under Rav Herschel Schachter and Rav Michael Rosensweig. After receiving semicha from RIETS, R’ Gordon studied in the Kollel Avreichim of Yeshiva Darchei Torah (Far Rockaway, N.Y.) under Rav Feivel Cohen, from whom he received an additional semicha.

The Famous Abba’s Chinuch Podcast Series provides you with shiurim, in 5 minutes or less, on an area of chinuch related to the parsha or yom tov.   Each Podcast is recorded exclusively for The Famous Abba by a Jewish leader or scholar.

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