Acharei Mot Podcast 5776

Identical Goats – Focusing on Strengths
(Rabbi Joseph Oratz M.Ed, MSW)

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We are honored to share this week’s Chinuch Podcast for Parsha Acharei Mot from Rabbi Joseph Oratz M.Ed, MSW.  Rabbi Oratz has been a Rebbe at Bruriah High School for Girls in Elizabeth NJ for the past 34 years and Principal of Bruriah for the past 10 years. Rabbi Oratz is a Talmid of Rav Dovid Lifshitz Ztz”l and a musmach of Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon.


The Famous Abba’s Chinuch Podcast Series provides you with shiurim, in 5 minutes or less, on an area of chinuch related to the parsha or yom tov.   Each Podcast is recorded exclusively for The Famous Abba by a Jewish leader or scholar.

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3 Responses to “Acharei Mot Podcast 5776”

  1. Deborah Oratz

    Rabbi Oratz has been giving a Parsha shiur to a group of women every Shabbos for the past 30+ years in Elizabeth NJ and continues to inspire us each week with insights and stories just as he has done in this podcast. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to share with many others!

  2. Phil Silverman

    Terrific but way too short. Give us more of Rabbi Oratz.


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