Parsha Kedoshim – Finding the Extraordinary within the Ordinary

We are honored to share this week’s Chinuch Podcast for Parsha Kedoshim from Rabbi Yonason Goldson.  Rabbi Goldson has taught Chumash, Novi, Jewish History, and hashkofah to yeshiva high school students for over 20 years in Atlanta, St. Louis, and Budapest, Hungary.  He is the author of Dawn to Destiny:  Exploring Jewish History and its Hidden Wisdom.  His forthcoming book, Proverbial Beauty:  Secrets for success and happiness from the wisdom of the ages, is due out in July.  Visit him at and

Yonason Goldson


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The Famous Abba’s Chinuch Podcast Series provides you with shiurim, in 5 minutes or less, on an area of chinuch related to the parsha or yom tov.   Each Podcast is recorded exclusively for The Famous Abba by a Jewish leader or scholar.


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