Chukat Chinuch Podcast 5776

What was so bad about hitting the stone? A surprising approach to Moshe’s “sin”
Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank


We are honored to share this week’s Chinuch Podcast for Parsha Chukat from Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank.  Rabbi Wiederblank is a Ram at Yeshiva University where he teaches college students and semikhah students Tanakh, Talmud, Halakha, and Jewish Philosophy at RIETS and MYP. Rabbi Wiederblank also serves as rabbi at the Yeshiva Community Shul (Shenk Shul) in Washington Heights. His book Illuminating Jewish Thought: Explorations of Free Will, the Afterlife, and the Messianic Era is forthcoming from RIETS/YU Press.

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The Famous Abba’s Chinuch Podcast Series provides you with shiurim, in 5 minutes or less, on an area of chinuch related to the parsha or yom tov.   Each Podcast is recorded exclusively for The Famous Abba by a Jewish leader or scholar.

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