Our Story

It all began quite simply

I heard in a shuir given by Rav Weinberger from Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, NY:

Every Shabbos at home has to be a Shabbaton.  Don’t just go to sleep and hide behind guests. Prepare talks with kids all week, games, etc.  every Shabbos.  Children live for that.  Dance by the Shabbos table… Each child according to their age, you must give them a taste a Avodah HaShem.

I was inspired by those words and set out to do just that.   Because my search for games and topics for “talks” with the kids provided us with minimal options, I decided to design our own thought-provoking games and discussion points about HaShem and His Torah.

The Super Shabbos Sheet is born

I started with one activity – a word find using words from the parsha and words that represented good middos.  I added one activity after another until the page was full of games, questions, parsha skit ideas (our kids have fun using their dress-up clothes and toys to act out scenes from the parsha!), and fun trivia facts.  It wasn’t long until word spread within our neighborhood.  Parents requested a copy to share with their own families.  Numerous summer camps used the Super Shabbos Sheet for their learning programs or as part of their weekly newsletters.  The Jewish Link of Bergen County began to publish it in their widely distributed local newspaper.  In the summer of 2013, over 4,000 kids received the Super Shabbos Sheet!

Inspire your children every Shabbos

The Super Shabbos Sheet is designed with Torah-based educational activities that can be given to children to complete independently as well as be used as a springboard for discussion at the Shabbos table or in a classroom or group setting.

I hope you and your family make the Super Shabbos Sheet a mainstay of your Shabbos experience.

I am always interested in feedback and suggestions.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Russell Moskowitz, CEO and Founder