100 Podcasts and Counting

100 podcasts

We are exciting to share with you that we have provided 100 podcasts to The Famous Abba community.  Below is our press release announcing this event.

The Famous Abba Publishes 100th Chinuch Podcast
Shiurim from over 100 notable Jewish leaders worldwide are available
Most podcasts are under 5 minutes; each imparts thoughts on the parsha and chinuch

BERGENFIELD, New Jersey-November  3, 2015 – The Famous Abba, a provider of Jewish learning fun for the whole family, today announced the 100th Chinuch Podcast. Started in June 2014, the podcasts provide parents with insights on an area of chinuch related to the parsha or upcoming holiday in 5 minutes or less. In just a few minutes, parents are inspired with knowledge that can be further shared with friends and family at a meal or while learning.

“We are proud to have a growing line-up of inspirational speakers from around the world who are able to provide meaningful insight to The Famous Abba community. We have 5-minute shiurim from a diverse group of scholars, educators, authors, and speakers, men and women, who live the US, Canada, and Israel. We are uniquely positioned to support families who want to give their children a taste of Avodah HaShem with games, activities and now a variety of notable shiurim to spark discussion each week,” commented Russell Moskowitz, CEO and Founder of The Famous Abba.

Visitors to The Famous Abba website can recommend speakers and sign-up for email notification of new podcasts.

“We are always looking for new speakers that our community wants to hear from. Most of the people we approach are honored to be part of such a distinguished list of speakers,” Moskowitz added.

About The Famous Abba

The Famous Abba makes Torah learning fun with three unique product offerings designed for today’s family. The Super Shabbos Sheet and Torah Fun children’s activity sheets inspire a love and understanding of Jewish customs and values. The Chinuch Podcast series provides parents thoughts on a parsha or upcoming holiday in 5 minutes or less from a notable Jewish leader. Interactive learning events presented by The Famous Abba himself provide Torah-learning games where children play for points and prizes. Games are customized to meet the needs of small groups of children in schools, synagogues and youth programs.

For more information, visit www.thefamousabba.com, like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thefamousabba and follow us on Twitter @thefamousabba.

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